GIS Wine Industry Specialist
California & Worldwide

Currently providing GIS services, maps, and web applications to wine industry clients including Bodega Catena Zapata of Argentina. Also conducting data and geospatial website development operations for an e-business venture:


GIS Business Analyst
Gap Inc., San Francisco

Handled GIS operations for Gap’s Corporate Real Estate department. Responsibilities included creating market area & fleet maps, modeling trade areas, creating spatial demographic reports, and executing ad hoc business analytics. Also implemented a GIS platform shift from MapInfo to ArcGIS and designed the requirements for a GIS Sales Forecasting model.


Medical Geographer                       
DOD Military Health System, Washington DC Provided GIS support for ESSENCE – Electronic Surveillance System for the Early Notification of Community-based Epidemics – a disease surveillance infrastructure. Primary tasks were to improve disease cluster detection algorithms and improve disease map displays to enhance visulization.


GIS Public Health Specialist

Assisited Health Communities Access Partners of Fresno in development of their capacity to generate maps in support of their community health planning activities. Also provided mapping support for a dental clinic utilization assessment study by FIRST 5 of San Luis Obispo county.


GIS Consultant
Environmental Justice, Baltimore
Performed spatial data analysis and produced transportation & socio-economic maps in support of the Baltimore Region Environmental Justice in Transportation project sponsored by Morgan State University. The goal was to identify & analyze transportation related inequities in Baltimore.


GIS Consultant
Transportation, Baltimore
Created a normalized Traffic Count Database from legacy datasets to support BMC’s Regional Travel Demand Model. In addition, software web-based software tools were developed for maintaining the database. The database was integrated with the Travel Demand Model’s ArcGIS Geodatabase providing automated data transfer.


GIS Manager/Analyst
Baltimore Metropolitan Council
Coordinated a conversion project to migrate BMC’s GIS from MapInfo to ESRI's ArcGIS platform. Tasks included development of a multi-user ArcSDE Geodatabase and custom geospatial software tools for travel demand modeling. Also developed applications for assessing pedestrian traffic, performed spatial data analysis for land use modeling, and automated data input for a building permit database.


GIS Consultant
Urban Planning, CGH Technologies
Served on various projects in support of the Washington, DC municipal government. Efforts were focused on a Vacant Property Database project for Washington’s Housing Regulation Administration (HRA). The project sought to catalog the distribution of vacant housing and make the information accessible through a web mapping application. Also worked on a mobile computer system for urban housing inspection.


GIS Consultant
Community Health Planning, CDC
This U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention funded project was to develop GIS techniques to enhance state and local health department capabilities to organize community health assessment and identify public health issues. Developed a desktop GIS prototype application for assessment of cardio-vascular disease rates in urban areas. Customized maps were generated to depict disease occurrence, disease rates, and statistical significance.


GIS/Land Use Specialist
Environmental Info Sys Development, Ghana
The project was funded by Danish International Development Assistance and the World Bank. The goal was to computerize Ghana's environmental and natural resource maps and data within a GIS framework for land use management and planning. Consulting inputs included GIS training at the Soil Research Institute, design and construction of a soils geo-database and nationwide GIS soil map, and development of a GIS crop suitability model for agro-ecological assessments and development planning.


GIS Consultant
Agro-Ecological Zone Development, Bangladesh
The Bangladesh Agricultural Research Council administered this UN-FAO funded project. Project goals were to update & expand an ecological database, develop an agricultural planning information system, and train personnel to operate and maintain the system. Project tasks included development of the hydro-climatic components of the GIS system: producing a mapping model for generating climate maps, and developing a model for quantifying flooding regimes.

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